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WinJur and LEXolution DMS

Does your law firm or legal team need more power to manage documents? Do you need to find the right information quickly? Wish to structure your internal know-how better? LEXolution DMS might be just the right solution for your team. Our DMS is an enterprise-grade system that integrates with WinJur seamlessly. With this integration, you will enjoy advantages such as better structure, collaboration, powerful search engine, and full integration with Outlook and MS Office systems. All while you keep running your projects from WinJur's familiar interface.

Benefits of LEX.DMS and WinJur

Enforce your organization's Security policies

LEXolution DMS stores all documents in a central database. This, in turn, enables you to control who can access which documents, and to avoid having files stored on local machines. If you need help in reinforcing your legal team's security policies, we have the right solution.

Preserve your legal know-how

LEXolution DMS preserves all documents your team creates in a single place. Furthermore, it indexes the entire content and keeps it centrally. That means 1) everyone with access will be able to search the whole database, and 2) your team's experience will not be lost or secluded in local machines. Unleash the power of your legal team through LEXolution DMS!

Enhance your team's collaboration

LEXolution DMS supports versioning and enables your team members to work together on a document. Each version is stored centrally and can be accessed at any time. WinJur, however, will always take you to the latest version, enabling you to stay on top with all changes made in the meanwhile.

Work from within your Outlook

Are you used to work from the Outlook interface? LEXolution DMS integrates perfectly and enables you to have your case and folder structure from WinJur in the same window. Moreover, you can access powerful DMS features (like document full-text search, for example) right from your inbox.

How does the WinJur and LEXolution DMS integration work?

For starters, you need to have LEXolution DMS installed on a central server. WinJur will detect it, and replicate your WinJur folder structure into the DMS. That will enable you to access it straight out of your Outlook interface. If WinJur detected the DMS, it will opt to save files in the central database, and not locally. It will, however, show you that file in the WinJur interface in a relevant case folder, as an icon. That icon represents a link to the document saved in the DMS database. You can now access files from the WinJur folder explorer, or the Outlook DMS interface. While you and your colleagues collaborate on a document, DMS will create and retain different versions, and WinJur will always link and take you to the latest version.

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