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WinJur and LEXolution CRM (coming soon)

Modern law firms are very proactive in approaching and maintaining relationships with their clients. However, before you craft your newsletter, or release your PR, you must understand who exactly are you targeting with your campaign. LEXolution CRM is a client relationship management solution developed by lawyers for lawyers. It helps you identify your target recipients, and boosts your campaign success rate.

LEXolution CRM benefits

Full control over your campaigns

LEXolution CRM boasts state-of-art authorization features and approval processes. Leading partners always have a full grasp of all campaigns and activities.

GDPR compliant

LEXolution CRM alerts you of the GDPR requirements (e.g., double opt-in), and ensures that your database is clean, and your activities fully compliant with the European Data Protection regulations

Outlook and WinJur integration

Integration with Outlook makes it easy to navigate through your contacts and leads and execute email campaigns. Moreover, it helps you import your WinJur contacts into the CRM seamlessly. A few clicks and you are ready to launch your newsletter! (more details on the product and release date soon) See more information about LEXolution CRM here.

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