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Everything that you need in your law practice.

WinJur has everything you need to run your law firm...

Complete solution for lawyers and law firms, supports you in your daily work: clear, effective and time-saving!

Streamlined and precise billing

Record your time by simply adding a line in our Timesheet, or use a stopwatch for time-keeping. Moreover, WinJur records your activities during the day and asks you to allocate time that you have spent on various projects.

Invoicing in a single click

Generate an invoice draft after you have finished billing for your legal case. With a push of a button, you will have a draft preview in Word format, so that you can amend any details. Our invoice layouts are clean, easy to understand and support your law office logo/branding.

E-mail and Document Automation

Drafting e-mails and document has never been easier. With WinJur automation, you can generate new e-mails and documents from templates, and use your WinJur contact base to add details. You can create new templates easily from existing e-mails and documents.

E-mail and Document Management

WinJur makes it easy for you to add documents and e-mails to your clients and cases. Likewise, WinJur enables you to seamlessly convert Word files into PDF (and vice versa) and supports all relevant document formats.

Legal case

Wondering how a case has been developing from the start? You can see the entire history of your cases with our WinJur legal case timeline feature.

Your appointments and contacts
at a glance

Arrange your contacts, meetings and tasks in just a few clicks. WinJur’s calendaring feature will make sure you always have important assignments at the front of your mind. Contact management feature will make adding, finding, and using contact details a breeze.

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