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Frequently Asked Questions
How did WinJur® come about?
Who are the WinJur® customers?

We are pleased that 4 of the 10 largest law firms in Switzerland work with WinJur®. Many legal departments of large companies and banks (and compliance) rely on WinJur® (recently also with offsetting services). Nevertheless, the small and medium-sized law firms (including one-man law firms) are now the largest WinJur® user base. Meanwhile, there are more and more customers who download and install WinJur® itself. This discerning clientele seems to enjoy WinJur® without any vendor becoming active, i. E. the WinJur® software sells by itself! Through this large customer base, we know our customers and can respond to their individual needs.

System requirements for WinJur®

WinJur® 2016 is compatible with Windows 10 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
Windows 8.1 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
Windows 7 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
Furthermore, the following Office versions (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) are supported
Office 2016 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
Office 365 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
Office 2013 (32Bit oder 64Bit)
WinJur® Enterprise supported Microsoft SQL Server Version 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016.

Free download / test

WinJur Starter Edition is free and fully functional (including the ability to run tests on your network); however, there is an upper limit to the number of clients / cases (5). You can download WinJur® here with free e-mail support. If you later upgrade to the Personal or Workgroup edition of WinJur, you do not need to re-download and install WinJur; Your existing WinJur database will remain.

Do you need an add-on module / add-in to manage and save Outlook e-mails / attachments in WinJur®?

No, you can drag & drop an e-mail or document attachment from Outlook directly into WinJur® (or copy / paste).

Which Microsoft Office Versions are supported?

Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit (on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows)
To use the WinYou Law "Document Control Center" and automatically create documents and document versions, Microsoft Word (2007 or 2010) must be installed.
To use the WinYou Law "Send Documents with Email" Function or Drag&Drop with EMails and Attachments, Microsoft Outlook (2007 or 2010) must be installed.

What operating systems does WinYou Law run on?

Windows XP
Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

What is the difference between the different WinYou Law Editions?

WinYou Law Personal and Workgroup Editions use a Microsoft Access database format (mdb) for their database (Access must not be installed).
The Personal Edition is for one user, the Workgroup Edition for up to 5 users in a network.
WinYou Law Professional and Enterprise Editions use a Microsoft SQL-Server for their database server. WinYou Law is then a full client/server application, running at optimized speed and reduced network traffic (and delegating most of the work to the SQL Server).
More detailed information about the different editions of WinYou Law:
Comparison WinYou Law Editions

Do I have to reinstall WinYou Law after ordering?

No, when you receive a valid license (registration keys), the free trial version will convert automatically into a full version of WinYou Law and all your addresses / contacts and clients / matters will be preserved.

How long is the free trial version valid?

There is no time limit on the free trial! The trial version is the full working version but will restrict the number of records read (Projects, Contacts etc.). After registration and entry of the License Keys, these limits are removed.

How can I get support?

WinYou Law Personal and Workgroup Edition customers have free support via Email for WinYou Law issues.
We offer the personal and workgroup editions of WinYou Law solely as internet downloads, and thus we handle all support and pre-sales inquiries via email. This allows us to keep our prices reasonable!
Don't hesitate to contact us:
WinYou Law is being improved constantly in response to users' comments. Your feedback will be highly valued.

How often is WinYou Law updated (costs)?

We offer personal and workgroup editions of WinYou Law (up to 5 users) solely as internet downloads at affordable prices. We have a one-time license fee; all updates within same version are free. The updates may also include new functions. We normally launch a new major version every two to three years. We do not have any subscription or annual fees.

Why do we (the developers) do the email support ourselves?

Questions of a more technical nature will always land on our desks anyway, and the other questions from users often give us impetus to make further improvements or optimizations (who wants to answer the same questions over and over again?). Thus, it is in fact our customers who are the developers of WinYou Law. With our free email support, we can better plan our time and save ourselves the expense of a call center, and this gives our product an enormous advantage in terms of pricing. And we think your pre-sales inquiries are really interesting!

Who is behind WinYou Law Inc.?

We are a small, specialized company focused on developing WinYou Law, our modern solution for practice management and administration. The small size of our company allows us to react more quickly, and makes us more flexible in our ability to implement new features and functions in WinYou Law. We have a wealth of experience in law firm administration.
While most of us are engineers and developers, i.e. more technically oriented, we have a great appreciation for nice designs that are simple, streamlined, clever and easy-to-use. We love our work.
WinYou Law is our passion, and our customers are our partners (and we admit to being a little proud of our WinYou Law product!).

Our Goals

We believe we are able to create practice management software for your administration and law firms that
is easy to use without the need to read the manual first
puts all of the important information at your fingertips
offers the functionality you expect in a law firm and does so in an all-in-one program
has a nice, responsive design
provides full control over data and documents
integrates with the programs you are already using (such asWord, Excel, Outlook…)
is available at affordable, transparent prices
can be installed and set up by the non-technical user himself

New ideas?

Hierarchical view of clients / matters / projects (works like windows explorer with unlimited levels)
Separated view of clients and contacts (You can link the same address or contact to different projects)
Work Screen giving you important information at your fingertips, allowing you to do anything you wish directly
User interface: We liked the new Microsoft menu bars (ribbon) in Word 2007 (and our customers did, too), so that is something we implemented in WinYou Law. And this user interface has one big advantage: all of the commands or functions are available in the WinYou Law menu bar under different tabs (grouped by the tasks arising in a law firm), eliminating the need for a lot of buttons etc.
Drag & Drop: If you can drag a document (or email) in Windows Explorer or Outlook, then you can also drag it to (and from) WinYou Law
Document creation allowing you to use your own word templates

Can not create a Bill: Word Macros are disabled?

If you are trying to create a bill from WinYou Law Free Trial but getting an error message from Word saying that macros in this project are disabled: You can enable the Word Macros from WinYou Law billing templates using the instructions found here:
Detailed informations to enable macros in Microsoft Word

Can I add my own Word templates or change the existing templates?

Yes, just open the template in Microsoft Word and change it there. You will find the Templates in My Documents\WinYou Law Folder:
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\WinYou Law\Templates\
You can also use your own templates and save them in the WinYou Law template folder and add bookmarks for addresses etc. You can find detailed instruction and a step-by-step guide to adding your own word templates
Detailed informations to add own Word Templates

Can I use Microsoft Office Click-to-Run?

Microsoft Office Click-to-Run uses a drive Q: which is not available for other applications like WinYou Law. More information from Microsoft on how to obtain the MSI-based Office product (normal setup):
In particular, see the workaround in that article:
If Office Click-to-Run does not meet your needs, you can uninstall it, and obtain the MSI-based Office product. To do this, follow these steps:
Uninstall the Office Click-to-Run version of Office 2010 by using Control Panel.
Visit the site where you purchased Office 2010, and sign in by using your Live ID.
Then, click My Account at the top of the home page to access your Office 2010 downloads.
Click Download for the suite you purchased, and then click Advanced Options under Download Now.
There is a version of Office 2010 listed that is not Click-to-Run and that does not require an available Q: drive.

Can WinYou Law be used on a Network?

Yes, WinYou Law Workgroup Edition supports up to 5 users. WinYou Law Professional and Enterprise Edition supports small and large networks with Microsoft SQL Server as a real client / server application.

Can I test the WinYou Law free trial on my network (Workgroup Edition)?

Yes, you can install WinYou Law free trial on multiple pcs with one central database (you are limited to one timekeeper during the free trial).

How many users or computers does WinYou Law support?

WinYou Law Workgroup Edition supports up to 5 Users - with more users, we recommend that you switch to the professional or enterprise edition, which uses a Microsoft SQL Server as a database.

Which WinYou Law Files / Folders should I include in my backup?

Normally you can just include all Folders (including sub folders) from:
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\WinYou Law\*.*
WinYou Law Database:
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\WinYou Law\Database\winyoulaw.mdb
WinYou Law generated and imported Documents and EMails:
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\WinYou Law\AutoDoc\*.*
(Include all sub folders!)
WinYou Law Microsoft Word Templates:
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\WinYou Law\Templates\*.*

Which Database does WinYou Law use?

WinYou Law Personal and Workgroup Editions use a Microsoft Access database format (mdb) for their database (Microsoft Access must not be installed and we do not use any runtime modules from Access).
WinYou Law Professional and Enterprise Edition use Microsoft SQL-Server for their database server. With these editions, WinYou Law is a full client-server application running at optimized speed and reduced network traffic (and delegating most of the work to the SQL Server). WinYou Law supports SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.
We have customers with more than 250 users on one single SQL Server.

How is my data saved in WinYou Law?

You remain in (full) control of data and documents.
All of the data of WinYou Law is saved in a single database. All of the documents are saved in your WinYou Law documents folder (normally located in your documents folder or on your file server). Even email from Outlook are copied and saved as a document (but can still be viewed from Outlook!)

What programming language was used to create WinYou Law?

WinYou Law is programmed in Visual C++ (same as Microsoft Word, Excel etc). We use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with MFC (native).

We are looking forward to a cooperation