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WinJur has everything that you need to run your law firm. From starting and sorting your legal cases, clients and files, to calendaring, time-keeping, legal billing and invoicing. WinJur helps you manage everything - your calendar, documents, e-mails, client communications, and it helps you invoice and collect your fees much faster.

A powerful solution for law firms

We help law firms like yours succeed. Spend more time with customers and leave the administrative tasks to the most reliable and easy-to-use case management software: Because your time is important.

Reliable lawyer software that just works

A stable and reliable system for the administration and billing of law firms is the backbone of every reputable law firm. WinJur gives you the peace of mind that your data is always with you, securely stored and just a few clicks away.

A Swiss Army Knife for your law firm

Over 20 years of market experience have helped us provide you with the right features for your law practice. Whether it's case management, document management and automation, or powerful billing and invoicing features - WinJur covers all your standard requirements - it's simple.

Comprehensive and easy to use

Our customers praise WinJur as one of the best software suites for law firms and very user friendly. No extensive training is required - you and your staff will be familiar with our case management and billing software right from the start.

Increase quality

Office management optimizes individual processes and the workflow of the entire law firm.

Tailored software

Document management - created for the needs of commercial law firms.

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